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Founded by Sir Henry Ford in the year 1903, Ford is an American multinational company. It is a global automobile industry leader manufacturing commercial vehicles and automobiles, luxury cars, tractors, trucks and automotive machinery. Ford can be accredited for transforming the car from being a rare luxury to an affordable requisite in the society during mid-1900s. Ford set its firm foot in India in the year 1998 and currently sells a range of cars here. It has its Indian headquarters at Chennai.

Ford cars are known for their huge and toughly built stylish bodies and potent engines. Packed with scores of comfort and safety features, they sport bold exterior design along with comfortable and spacious interiors. Ford is the first automaker to come with the globally reputed 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine along with SYNC. However Ford is often criticised for their high maintenance cost and poor after sales service.  But the company is on the path to overcome these shortcomings, and it will be poised to be a market leader in the coming years.


Model T was the first conventional car from the house of Ford Motors Limited. It has come a long way from that old car and sells several modern cars in the country. Today it has the Figo in the hatchback segment which is a delightful little vehicle that can house 5 people easily along with their luggage. Figo is available in both petrol and diesel engines in the price range of Rs 3.8 -6 lakhs.

Ford carries a good name in the sedan market as well. The Fiesta and Classic are well designed spacious sedans that look terrific and also house some of the latest comfort and safety features. They have many models in India with prices ranging from Rs 8 to 10 lakh.

Of late, Ford became a victor in the SUV segment as well with its Ecosport. The Ecosport is a smartly packaged compact SUV with a radical design, comfy interiors and good technicalities. EcoSport price tag of Rs 6 to 10 lakh. Ford already had a good vehicle in this segment – the Endeavour, but it was felt a tad expensive. Ford Endeavour has a forceful road presence besides ample safety and comfort features. Its price ranges from Rs 19-23 lakhs depending on the model.

Apart from these, Ford Figo Concept 2015, Ford Fiesta Facelift 2014, Ford Figo New and Ford Endeavour Facelift 2014 are some of its forthcoming cars in India. Ford C-Max, Ford E and F series, Ford Mondeo, Ford Fusion, Ford Transit, Ford Edge, Ford Escape, Ford Expedition and Ford Explorer are some of the fresh cars which will be seen soon in global markets.

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Top Ten Windows Are Leading In The Market, Buyers Are Eager To Install

Buyers are able to get the news, when there is a new product in home decoration, home furnishing, and home doors are arriving in the market. Once they are able to understand that the replace window Toronto is available with the attractive colors and designs, they are interested to check the price, they are asking the quotes to replace the windows, and in many cases a company is providing only free quotes to the buyers. The reason is once the quote is received by a buyer, he is not taking the matter lightly, and he is very serious. The person is consulting the matter with the home members, the members are agreeing as the opportunity will not be there for a long time, only within the short time the head of the home should have to decide on changing the window, therefore, the replace window Toronto is taking place in all homes including the homes occupied by tenants. .

Normally, a tenant is not interested in replace window toronto, the reason is in many places, the tenant will not have much connection with the house owner; the house owner will be in a different state. The house owner will be visiting the home only to collect the rental income, the rest of the time; the home will be under the care of the tenant. The tenant cannot decide for any investment, the house owner should have to grant permission. Once the owner of the house is witness in the new window, immediately calling the tenant to check the replace window toronto, the tenant immediately reacts on the weekends, the other days, the tenant and his wife will be working and they find time to do the window works only on the weekends. The tenant will be checking the latest, replace window toronto, after getting the mental satisfaction, the tenant will be replacing the window, later the charges will be noted by the tenant to inform the house owner, the money will be adjusted in the rent.

Actually, the present replacement is very simple, the technician is arriving to the home, and he checks the measurements of the window. Later he is preparing the suitable glass for the window, after that removing the old and damaged glasses and fixing the new glasses and at times changing the portion of the frames at times fixing the glasses without changing the frames. The modern technique in fixing the door or window ends only in a few minutes, but before that the buyer’s portion is more in selecting the right frame, changing the frame with the latest and many more in the list to add. If the buyer decides person, the mater ends in few seconds, if the buyer should have to take opinion of other members of the home or with the house owner, it takes a bit more time. The changed window is appealing to the home, as the windows are made with custom design and in attractive outer colors; finally the home is with glamour after the changes are made.

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