Deal Dash easily recognized by its walk on screen orator and bright graphics entices bidders with every tick with the counter. Deal Dash provides an European style penny auction platform along with a large choice of potential items, Deal Dash may also be considered a resource permanently items at a cheap price for the savy bidder. Deal Dash, formerly referred to as, now features a sleeker and flashier look that’s definitely more interesting than that of Deal Dash’s. However the most crucial changes aren’t located on the site’s interface – no, they’re much more concerning than that. The shipping costs for the penny auction site have also changed. When it turned out still known as Deal Dash, shipping for those products in the us was free.

That has changed with Deal Dash, where shipping rates vary from one product to an alternative. Shipping and handling fees will often cost over $10.00, an alteration which includes annoyed many regulars at Deal Dash. Investing in shipping is okay, however when a prize takes Two to three weeks-sometimes even longer-just to get to your house, then there’s obviously something amiss using the situation. Deal Dash in addition has added a ‘Buy It Now’ option, where bidders that have lost antique dealer could score a bargain deal. Each time you bid, the Buy It Now price of the auctioned item decreases, helping you to purchase much the same product with a dramatically reduced price. If you are planning to adopt this route, do not forget that you’re up against late layers. Deal Dash is available in with a new look that individuals like, but many of the changes they’ve built to their bidding system leave a great deal to be desired. Develop they somehow take time to address these complaints later on.

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